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Swivel Gallery | May 28 - July 10, 2022

Throughout recorded history, the horse has been an ever-present figure, a strangely prevalent bystander who has witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations. The first representation of these majestic creatures appeared in prehistoric cave paintings such as those in Lascaux, estimated to be about 17,000 years old. Even in a post-modern world where their utility has almost become obsolete, they remain ubiquitous in society. The four-legged majesties have seen a major resurgence in contemporary art in recent years, begging the question of how and why we, as people, are so intertwined with these beings and what this reveals about the human psyche.


Thierry Goldberg | March 18 - April 18, 2021

In the way that DePass’ works negate the digital world and break normal of modes of production, they are ‘form destroyers.’ ... This transfiguration is otherworldly, yet produced by an object-oriented society, and in effect, has allowed the artist to create his own portraits, or expressions, of human spirit.

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